Better Than Free Checking. Way Better.

Get an Affinity Plus checking account with no minimum balance, no monthly maintenance fees, and no ATM fees at 60,000+ machines nationwide. No kidding.

Jake, an Affinity Plus member, on a purple background
Jake, Minnesota Resident

What You Get

Digital Banking

Deposit checks from anywhere with the top-rated mobile banking app.

Set up automatic Bill Pay in the mobile banking app or online banking.

Enroll in digital statements to save trees and drawer space.

Easy Cash Access

Find nearby, no-fee ATMs1 from the mobile app's login screen.

That's 60,000+ nationwide (MoneyPass, SUM and CO-OP).

Debit Card Extras

Earn MyPlus Rewards™ points with your debit purchases.

Round up purchases for easy saving with Stash Your Cash.

Card controls let you set alerts and limits from digital banking.

Early Pay

Get your paycheck and other direct deposits up to 2 days early at Affinity Plus.

All you need to do is set up direct deposit with your payer.2

More Perks

Waive 1 Courtesy Pay/NSF fee each year.3

Starter checks are included and Cashier's checks can be issued at any branch.4

A yearly credit report and review is 1 of your member benefits. Be sure to ask for it!


Not a member yet?

Membership is required for loans and accounts with us. But you can apply for them and become a member at the same time.

Already a member?

Apply for loans and open additional accounts in the mobile banking app, from the More screen. Or log in to online banking, then click “Apply” in the upper-right.

We're here to help.

From video calls and chat to secure messaging, there are all kinds of ways to contact us.

Want Checking that Earns Dividends?

If you’d prefer checking that makes you more money, the Interest Reward Checking account earns dividends. Your balance just needs to stay above the $200 minimum.

Patricia, an Affinity Plus member, on a green background
Patricia, Affinity Plus Member

Good to Know

  1. There's no surcharge fee when you use your Affinity Plus debit card at an Affinity Plus ATM or at an ATM within our network (MoneyPass, CO-OP and SUM). Transactions made outside of our network may be subject to third-party fees.
  2. Your early access to direct deposits depends on the payer and when they submit their payment file. Affinity Plus usually makes these funds available the day we get the payment file, which can be 1 – 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date.
  3. Overdraft/Courtesy Pay. If, on any day, the available balance in your share or deposit account is not sufficient to pay the full amount of a check, draft, transaction, or other item, plus any applicable fee, that is posted to your account, we may return the item or pay it as a courtesy for a fee. Affinity Plus’ overdraft courtesy pay program is at the sole discretion of the credit union. The credit union may refuse to provide the courtesy on any amounts at any time and from time to time. An overdraft/courtesy pay fee of $15 will be imposed for each time the credit union provides the courtesy, as set forth in our Personal Service Fees Brochure. Members, however, are allowed to go up to $100 negative without incurring a courtesy pay/overdraft fee. Our standard overdraft services under our overdraft courtesy pay program allows us to authorize payment for the following types of transactions or items: (1) share drafts (or checks) and other items made using your checking account; (2) automatic bill payments; and (3) ACH transactions. We do not offer standard overdraft services (or courtesy pay) for ATM or one-time debit card transactions. Members have 45 days to repay any negative balance in your share or deposit account.
  4. Cashier's checks (also called "official checks") can be requested by members at any Affinity Plus branch, at no cost. The funds are deducted from the member's account when the check is issued.

† The Interest Reward Checking account is subject to a monthly fee if the balance falls below the minimum required balance.

Important Information & Disclosures

Service Fees: A simple explanation of exactly what you can be charged and when.

Truth-in-Savings Disclosure: The rates, terms and limitations that apply to your account.