Personal Loans & Lines of Credit.

When life throws you a curve ball, have the money ready to cover it. With a range of loan products, and an easy application process, we'll help you get the loan you need.

Megan & Andrew, Affinity Plus members, on a green background
Megan & Andrew, Affinity Plus Members

What you get

Loan Options

We have options for all kinds of needs, both secured and unsecured loan options.

Flexible Terms

Choose the length of loan that works best for your financing needs.

And there are no pre-payment penalties if you want to pay it off sooner.

Peace of Mind

Add low-cost loan protection to guard against the unexpected.

MyPlus Rewards™

Earn MyPlus Rewards points for borrowing with us.

And use points you've already accrued to reduce your rate when taking out a new loan.

Getting Started is Easy

Not a member yet?

Membership is required for loans and accounts with us. But you can apply for most types and become a member at the same time.

Already a member?

Apply for loans and open additional accounts in the mobile banking app, from the More screen. Or log in to online banking, then click “Apply” in the upper-right.

We're here to help.

If you have questions or trouble getting back to your application, please contact us.

MyPlus Rewards

Use Points for a Lower Rate

After getting preapproved for a Personal Loan, you can redeem MyPlus Rewards™ points for a lower interest rate. Learn how much you can save.

Personal Unsecured Loans

Personal Unsecured

Use it for a big purchase like a wedding or dream vacation, or to cover emergency expenses.

Homeowner Personal Loan

Tackle home improvement projects without using the equity in your home.

Borrow up to $30,000

Homeowner Debt Consolidation

Consolidate debt while benefiting from homeownership.

Borrow up to $20,000

Bicycle Loan

Finance up to 120% of the purchase price of a bicycle and accessories.

Borrow up to $5,000

Holiday Loan

Cover holiday expenses and celebrate with peace of mind. Available all year.

Borrow up to $2,500

Personal Line of Credit

Personal Line of Credit

Access cash as you need it.

Personal Secured Loans

Certificate Secured Loan

Use funds you already have in a certificate account to secure a loan.

Savings Secured Loan

Use funds you already have in a savings account to secure a loan.

Credit Builder Loan

Establish credit history or help rebuild your credit.

Borrow up to $1,000

Solar Loan

Fund your solar panel project without using the equity in your home.

Borrow up to $40,000

Your Credit Score. The More You Know.

Curious about your credit rating? Just log in to the mobile app or online banking for easy access to your credit score, credit report and credit monitoring. All for free.

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