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Round Up Debit Purchases

The less you have to think about saving, the easier it is. And tiny amounts (under a buck) help, too. Stash Your Cash lets you set an Affinity Plus checking account to round up all your debit card purchases to the next whole dollar. Then it automatically transfers the spare change right to your savings.

A+ Tip: You can set up Stash Your Cash in online banking. After logging in, go to Contact in the upper-right, then look for the request form on the left.

The 52-Week Challenge

With all your expenses, saving – especially committing to it – might seem intimidating. But you can ease into it by starting small. The 52-Week Challenge helps you save in baby steps, gradually increasing your deposits over time.

Week 1: Save $1

Week 2: Save $2

Week 3: Save $3

… then keep upping it by just a dollar every week, through 52 …

Week 52: Save $52

By the end of the year, you’ll have saved $1,378!

You can make the deposits to your Membership Savings or another Affinity Plus savings account. Either way, the balance will earn dividends, and keep growing on its own.

And to help you remember to make your deposits, set a weekly reminder on your phone’s calendar. You can also print a 52-Week Challenge Chart to track your amounts, and keep your eye on the prize.

A+ Tip: It’s easy to transfer your deposits from Affinity Plus or external accounts (at other banks). Just log in to the mobile banking app or online banking, and go to the Move Money screen.

Look for Incentives

All Affinity Plus savings accounts earn dividends, but only one gets you a chance at cash prizes, too – the WINcentive® Savings account. Each time you increase your month-over-month balance by $25, you’re entered into monthly drawings for at least $100.