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Round Up Debit Purchases

One of the slickest ways to save little bits at a time is to set up Stash Your Cash. It’s like a digital piggy bank that takes care of itself.

It lets you set an Affinity Plus checking account to round up all your debit card purchases to the next whole dollar. Then it automatically transfers the spare change right to your Affinity Plus savings account, money market, or certificate account – as long as the certificate allows unlimited deposits.

A+ Tip: You can set up Stash Your Cash in online banking. After logging in, go to Contact in the upper-right, then look for the request form on the left.

Schedule Recurring (Repeating) Transfers

Another way to keep building your nest egg automatically is to schedule recurring transfers. You can set a certain amount from each of your paycheck (direct) deposits, or even from an external account at another financial institution.

And whichever Affinity Plus savings account your recurring transfers go to, your balance earns the current dividend rate for that account type. So it keeps growing that way, too

A+ Tip: Want to link your Affinity Plus accounts to an external account at another financial institution? Go to the Move Money screen in the mobile banking app or online banking. Then look for External Accounts (or the abbreviated “Ext. Accounts” in the app), and follow the prompts for adding one.