Technology Loan.

Being a student can be expensive. But we can help make it easier to get the laptops, tablets and software you need for school. P.S. Good grades can mean a better interest rate!

Josh, a Minnesota resident, on a purple background.
Josh, Minnesota Resident

What You Get

Up to $3,000

Borrow up to $3,000 for tech to help with coursework.

Funds can be used for tablets, computers or software.1

A Better Rate for Good Grades

You can get a rate reduction, up to 2% each year you earn a "B" grade point average.2

Flexible Terms

Choose the term length for the loan that works best for your budget.

Getting Started is Easy

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Membership is required for loans and accounts with us. But you can apply for most types and become a member at the same time.

Ready to apply?

You can do it from anywhere, and even sign digitally when you apply online.

We're here to help.

From video calls and chat to secure messaging, there are all kinds of ways to contact us.

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Megan, a Minnesota resident, on a green background
Megan, Minnesota Resident


The Technology Loan is a personal unsecured loan. Applicant must be enrolled in a college or university program, and new or existing Affinity Plus membership is required. All loans are subject to approval.

1. Documentation must be provided for the dollar amount you are requesting to borrow, such as a receipt or invoice.

2. You may qualify for a 1% rate reduction each semester if you have a grade point average of "B" or better, with a 2% maximum reduction each year. You can request the rate reduction by providing a copy of your school transcript.