Woman wearing face mask hands envelope to man in a silver SUV.

So much about how we do banking has changed with the pandemic, but one part we especially miss sharing with our members is a good cup of coffee when they stop by a branch.

The little cardboard cups, the locally roasted coffee varieties, friendly conversation – it was all such a fun part of our day to share with members. But our coffee tradition is on hold while we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and we continue to prioritize member and employee health and safety.

But that didn’t stop Amanda Bruggman of the Duluth branch from spreading a little java kindness in May, when she loaded up a basket of Duluth’s own Nordic Jo’s coffee packets and safely handed them out to members waiting in the drive-thru.

The pandemic has brought its challenges, but we’re proud of how our people at Affinity Plus have responded and adapted to continue to bring our members quality banking and personal service.