Plus It Forward

  • Kindness
  • Our People

What began as a day for Affinity Plus to give back to our communities has grown into a credit union movement.

October 2020 marked the 8th year Affinity Plus employees have taken a paid day off to volunteer in their communities, a day we call Plus It Forward.

The day coincides with Indigenous Peoples Day, and sends ripples of good through Minnesota. Employees spread out in teams across their communities in an effort to do some good and spread some kindness – an essential part of our mission and core values.

Kindness & Growth

Each year, our hope is that by scattering kindness, more kindness will result - whether you're a giver who keeps on giving, or a receiver who wants to Plus It Forward and share kindness with someone else.

In 2019, the event had grown to include 55 other credit unions, and Affinity Plus partnered with the Minnesota Credit Union Network (MnCUN) to rebrand the event as CU Forward Day across the state.

At Affinity Plus, we still call it Plus It Forward, and it’s a day our employees look forward to each year. In 2020, we still celebrated kindness and community support despite the pandemic, with each employee receiving $75 from Affinity Plus with which they could do good in a way that mattered to them most.

Across the state, volunteers filled food pantries, brought supplies to the unhoused, worked in parks, bought strangers’ coffees, and many more individual acts that add up to whole lot of possibility.