$7.7 million saved through WINcentive® and Stash Your Cash

Building savings is key for financial stability. Our programs help members learn better savings habits, or just do the saving for them!

Save Money, Get Peace of Mind

By saving money, you’re in better positions to make major financial decisions, such as buying homes or switching jobs. Having savings gives you peace of mind, while also giving you the ability to handle unforeseen events.

We want to help our members reach their goals, and created these products for Affinity Plus members to grow their savings. Since 2021, members who used these tools have increased their savings by an average of more than 19%.

By the Numbers:

  • 6% average annual savings growth by members using Stash Your Cash
  • More than $1,400 more saved on average by members using WINcentive®

Stash Your Cash

Stash Your Cash automatically rounds up your debit purchases to the next whole dollar, and deposits the change into a savings account or high yield money market account. The average member saves about $15 per month!

WINcentive® Savings Accounts

When members save with WINcentive accounts, they can become eligible to win cash prizes! Members using our WINcentive Savings account have saved on average 18% more than members not using the product.