Solar Loan. Harness the sun and save.

Ready to make the switch to clean energy? Fast track your way to a solar-powered home with our personal secured solar loan.

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What you get

Low Fixed Rates

Interest rates starting at 7.99% APR.*

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Up to $40,000

Average MN solar system cost is $21,000.

No down payment required.

Flexible Terms

Loan terms of 5, 10 and 15 years available.* No prepayment penalties.

Solar systems usually last at least 25 years without needing any upkeep.

Cost Savings

Panels can pay you back in as few as 7 years. The typical 25-year projected savings for Minnesotans is $41,155.

Typical project sizing, cost and production comes from an Eutectics Consulting LLC survey of more than 80 Minnesota residential solar projects, completed from 2016 to 2018.

Want to use the equity in your home?

We also offer a home equity solar loan with amounts up to $100,000.

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We're in it together.

CU Green is a collaborative effort by leading MN credit unions. We want solar panels to be within reach for anyone who wants to get started.

Learn more about solar power, your home’s suitability, trusted installers, incentives and lifetime savings at

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Effective October 14, 2022, the fixed APR of 6.99% is available for a 5-year Solar Loan up to $20,000. Actual rate will vary based on term of the loan, credit score, and amount borrowed. Loan payment example: A loan for 5 years at 6.99% APR will result in an approximate monthly payment of $19.80 per $1,000 borrowed.