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Closed Branches

These branches are closed until further notice. Visit the Branch Locations page to find the branch closest to you.

Minneapolis – Nicollet Mall

Order Pickup

Need to pick something up at a branch? If you fill out an Order Pickup Request, we can have your order ready and waiting for you.


Mail Service

Some countries are limiting mail service because of COVID-19, and this might affect some international members, including those in the military. And even if you’re in the U.S., you might want to just reduce your incoming mail. Have you switched yet from paper to Digital Statements & Notices? Sign up in online banking for easy access to everything we’d normally mail you.

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24/7 Account Access

Whether you want to limit your time in public spaces these days, or you just want to bank from the couch because it’s easier, you can access your accounts in all kinds of ways. Anytime day or night.

Digital Banking

If you prefer the bigger screen of your laptop, there’s online banking. And with our top-rated mobile banking app, you can do almost everything you can do in a branch.

  • Check your balance of any account
  • Transfer funds
  • Deposit your checks
  • Pay your bills
  • Put a stop payment on a check
  • Review a past statement
  • Check your credit score
  • Apply for a loan

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Two iPhones focused on the Affinity Plus app, one screen reads 'Move Money' and the other reads 'Check Deposit'

ATM Access

Affinity Plus has more than 60,000 surcharge-free ATMs in many communities, even beyond our branch locations. Many of these ATMs also can take check and cash deposits.

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Debit & Credit Cards

Just like always, your credit and debit cards give you immediate access to your money. And you can use them anywhere Visa® is accepted.

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Automated Phone Banking

You can also call our automated phone service anytime to check balances, make loan payments and more. Call +1 (800) 444-7228, or (651) 224-3999.

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Ways We Can Help

If your financial situation is stressed because of the pandemic, we want to help. There are several options available, and we’ll work together to see what’s best for your situation. Below is just a sample.

Skipping or Modifying Loan Payments

We can talk about modifying your loan payments. You can send us a "skip a payment" request from online banking or the mobile app. After logging in, you'll find it on the Contact screen.

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We’ll look for ways you might be able to reduce payments and/or prioritize spending.

And More Solutions

There are even more options that we can talk through. If you need help, please just let us know.

Hunger Relief

As our members and communities face unique challenges due to COVID-19, food shelves across Minnesota are seeing their clients’ needs triple. And to help, we partner with Second Harvest Heartland.

How Affinity Plus is Helping

Our relationship with Second Harvest Heartland is year-round, but we recently donated $10,000 for the increased need in our communities. And we’ll also help the organization with marketing to increase awareness and additional funding. All of it will support food distribution, access to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and more resources that help feed our neighbors during these unprecedented times.

How You Can Help

If you’re in the position to give, Affinity Plus members can use 1,250 MyPlus Rewards™ points for a $10 charitable donation to a food shelf in your community. Just log in to the mobile app or online banking to check and redeem your points. Or you can make a financial donation of any amount through Second Harvest Heartland’s website.

How to Get Help

If you’re experiencing food insecurity, Second Harvest Heartland’s website helps you find nearby emergency food shelves, prepared meals, and ongoing supplemental programs.

Learn more about Second Harvest Heartland   Donate points in online banking

Protecting Your Information Security

As companies take extra measures now to protect their employees and consumers, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the heightened concern. But there are simple ways to protect yourself, and it starts with awareness.

Things to Watch For

The Affinity Plus Information Security team is partnering with others in the industry to closely track fraud attempts and threats. And we wanted to share some trends we’re seeing.

  • Malicious websites and spam emails containing an interactive dashboard of Coronavirus infections and deaths produced by Johns Hopkins UniversityTransfer funds.
  • Emails claiming to have the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 status. The links in these emails are not safe. Emails asking for donations related to the virus.
  • But you have the power to protect yourself from these and other fraudulent attempts.

Easy Ways to Protect Yourself

Though fraudsters can be extremely convincing when they contact you, you’ll have the upper hand if you follow these simple tips.



Be suspicious of links. Instead of clicking on links in emails, try to go directly to the source’s website on your own.

Don’t even open emails from unfamiliar senders. Instead, just delete them.

Text Messages

Don’t respond to unfamiliar texts. Whether the sender is unfamiliar, or the message just seems unusual, just delete it without responding.

Phone Calls

Don’t provide any personal information. If someone calls you and asks for private info like your birthday, Social Security, login credentials, etc., just hang up. Legitimate companies and organizations won’t do that.

Already clicked on something?

Change your password. If you’re worried about something you clicked on, or personal info you gave out, it’s a good idea to change your password for the related site (if there is one).

We’re Here for You

While we continue monitoring the situation, we’ll make any other necessary changes to help keep our employees and our members as safe as possible. And we so appreciate your understanding. Thank you, and please let us know if you need anything.

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