Skip-a-Payment. Give your Budget Some Wiggle Room.

The Skip-a-Payment program allows you to take a break from your monthly loan payment.

Request a Skip-a-Payment

How it Works

Eligible Loans

Your loan likely qualifies for Skip-a-Payment if all of these apply:

  • It's not a mortgage, credit card or line of credit
  • Your loan is at least 6 months old
  • Your payments aren't currently past due
  • You haven't already skipped a payment in the last 12 months
  • You haven't skipped a total of 5 payments on this loan

Skip-a-Payment Fee

You can cover the fee of the skip-a-payment by either:

  • Redeeming 3,750 MyPlus Rewards™ points
  • Deducting $30 from your Affinity Plus account

Requesting a Skip-a-Payment

  • Submit your request through online banking.
  • You can also make the request via Live Chat, over the phone, or by stopping into a branch.
  • Your request will be reviewed to determine if you qualify, and a member advisor will be in contact with you.
A smiling man wearing a plaid shirt on a purple background. Smiling man in plaid shirt on purple background
Mark, Affinity Plus Member


Skip-a-Payment requests are subject to approval. Membership must be in good standing. By skipping the payment on a one-time basis, you are extending the term of the loan by one month and will increase the total finance charges of your loan.