Card Controls & Alerts. You Set it.

For extra security and awareness, get alerts about your card usage. Or set controls that automatically decline some transactions, but not others. Manage your debit and credit cards however you want.

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What you can do

Take Your Pick

Choose any combination of controls and alerts, and turn them off anytime.

Freeze & Unfreeze

This temporarily inactivates your card if you ever misplace it, and allows you to activate it again if you find it.

Transaction Limit

Allows you to choose an amount, and any purchases over that amount will be automatically declined. This feature can be helpful for controlling spending and building budgeting habits.

Monthly Limit

Set a certain amount that can be spent each month, and then automatically decline any purchases beyond that amount. And another great feature to consider for budgeting.

International Purchases

Allows you to automatically decline any international purchases, giving you an extra layer of security against fraudulent activity on your card.

Card Controls Transaction Limit

Set Controls

Set your debit or credit card to automatically decline specific types of transactions, like purchases over a particular amount.

Log in & manage your cards

Get Alerts

In addition to setting controls that actually decline transactions, you can also set up text or email alerts that just notify you about them.

Log in & manage your cards

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Card controls are just one way our app brings great banking experiences to your mobile device. Take your credit union with you anywhere – download it today, or learn more first.

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