Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Let us help you bridge the GAP in your auto insurance.

Though we hope it never happens, accidents do occur. If your vehicle is totaled in an accident, or is stolen and unrecoverable, your insurance company may only pay out the vehicle’s cash value. Because vehicle values depreciate quickly, this can be thousands less than what you owe on your loan balance. GAP can save your from having to pay out of pocket to cover the difference.

What can be covered:

  • Autos, as well as motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs.
  • Loan terms up to 84 months
  • Loan amounts up to $100,000

What’s included

Covers up to 125% of the vehicle's value as determined by MSRP and/or NADA.

Receive a $1,000 credit towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle that is financed with Affinity Plus within 90 days after the primary insurance settlement takes place for GAP.

Covers up to $1,000 of your auto insurance damage deductible when paid as part of GAP.

Covers up to $50,000 of the remaining loan balance.

The Auto Advantage Program which includes Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR), Personal ID Consultation and Warranty Vault. If you suffer a loss on your vehicle while covered by an auto policy and are required to pay your deductible, ADR will reimburse you for the cost of your deductible, up to $500. ADR allows for an unlimited number of claims for the first three years of your coverage.

How it works

  • You can purchase GAP at any time.
  • Select the Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) option when applying for your auto loan.
  • You have the option of including GAP in the loan amount when you’re taking out a new loan.
  • Or, you can contact us at anytime to add GAP.
  • If you choose to cancel your GAP policy within 60 days, you’ll receive a full refund available if no claims have been submitted. If you cancel after the 60 days, refunds will be prorated.

Claims Process

Should you need to use your GAP protection, we’ll be sure to make your claim process* seamless, so you can focus on getting back on the road.

Report Your Claim

Report your claim to your primary insurance company or agent.

Verify Damages

Verify the damages to your vehicle have been determined to be a total loss, or your vehicle has been stolen and not recovered.

Determine Amount

Determine the total amount your insurance claim will provide.

Report to Affinity Plus

If your insurance claim funds don’t cover your full loan balance, report the claim to Affinity Plus.

Gather Documentation

Affinity Plus will help you gather the needed documentation so your loan balance can be paid in full** and you can start focusing on your safety and your next vehicle.


If you make a big down payment or get a lot for your trade-in, you’ll build positive equity. And you can protect that with Depreciation Protection Waiver (DPW) coverage.

Saudia, an Affinity Plus member, on an orange background
Saudia, Affinity Plus Member

*The primary applicant on the loan must file any claims even if a joint applicant gets into an accident.

** Subject to limitations and exclusions listed in your GAP waiver.