Contactless Card. Secure. Simple. Speedy.

Affinity Plus Visa® debit and credit cards are now enabled for contactless pay, which means paying just got a lot easier. Contactless cards allow faster checkout, are secure, and are now accepted by most merchants.

Tap to Pay

Tapping the terminal works, but so does holding your card 1 to 2 inches above it. If contactless pay isn’t available, the card still has a chip to insert in the reader.

Look for the contactless symbol* on the merchant's payment terminal.

When prompted, tap or hover your card.

Hold for a couple of seconds, get payment confirmation and go!

Feel Secure

Contactless payment is as safe as it easy. Just like using the card’s chip, each transaction uses a one-time code to ensure the payment is safe, so you can’t pay twice even if you tap twice. The one-time code also keeps your information safe from fraud. And each payment is initiated by the merchant, so you can’t accidentally pay just by being near a terminal.

Useful Tips

Paying with contactless cards

Look for this contactless symbol* on the card: contactless-symbol@2x

Merchants who accept contactless or “tap” payments will have a contactless symbol on their payment terminals as well.

Receiving a contactless card from Affinity Plus

All newly issued debit and credit cards issued will be contactless. Current members will receive contactless cards when their current card expires or is reissued for some reason.

* The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator are trademarks owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.