Maha Brauch@2x

Maha Brauch

Director of Digital Services
Maha Brauch is the Director of Digital Services at Affinity Plus, where she leads the innovation and execution of digital experiences and strategy. As the banking landscape shifts to more web and mobile than traditional in-person experiences, Maha and her team are shaping the way Affinity Plus interacts with our members. She’s a huge advocate of continually enhancing and optimizing, and introducing new technologies and solutions to delight our members, make their lives easier, and make banking more secure. Since joining Affinity Plus in 2012, Maha’s held various positions across the organization. She’s passionate about giving members an outstanding experience, offering them convenient digital options as much as possible, and improving process to save everyone time. Maha was featured in the Credit Union Times for helping Affinity Plus deliver first-in-class digital banking, including a 4.8-rated mobile app.

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