it's your credit score. get access to it anytime, anywhere.

Your credit score affects so much in your life, so you should be able to check it on your mobile device anytime you want. Our credit-reporting tool gives you that access, pulling information from TransUnion and giving you a snapshot of your credit, without affecting your score.

It's free. And it's all in the Affinity Plus mobile banking app.

Josh, an Affinity Plus member, on a green background.
Josh, Affinity Plus Member


Your Full Credit Report

Your Free report contains everything you'd find on your credit file.

  • Open Loans
  • Open accounts
  • Open credit inquiries
  • Payment history
  • Credit Utilization
  • Public records

And checking this won't affect your credit score (it's a "soft inquiry").

Daily Credit Monitoring

Meant to help you spot potential fraud and/or identity theft attempts, this free credit monitoring service checks your credit report daily.

You’ll get an email when the system detects any of these events related to your identity:

  • New accounts opened
  • Address changes
  • Employment changes
  • Delinquencies reported
  • Credit inquiries made

Helpful Tips

You’ll learn what affects your credit score positively and negatively, so you’ll know how to keep a great credit rating – or build your way up to one. And you’ll get loads of smart tips on managing your debt and overall financial wellness.

Total Score.

We believe our members deserve the tools and support they need to build their credit and achieve their dreams. Become a member and take advantage of this and many other perks!

This credit reporting tool uses the VantageScore 3.0 credit scoring model, developed collaboratively by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.