MyPlus Rewards You’ve Got Earning Power

Whether you’re going for the vacation getaway or a discounted rate on a car loan, you’ll find all kinds of ways to rack up points. With MyPlus Rewards, your earning potential is unstoppable.


Your Reward Options


Charitable Donations

Want to pay your points forward? Nice! You can help provide college scholarships and community grants, fight hunger, and support Special Olympics.

Starting at 1,250 points.


Gift Cards

Choose $50 or $100 denominations from dozens of popular retail and restaurant chains.

Starting at 6,500 points.


Cash Back

Premier Select Rewards Visa® credit cardholders can use points for a credit to either your statement or your checking or saving account, as long as the card is open and active.

$50 in cash = 6,250 points.


Fee Refunds

Use points to refund select fees:*

Consumer Loan/Credit Card Late = 2,000 points.
Gift Card = 500 points.
Minimum Balance = 1,000 points.
NSF/Courtesy Pay/Stop Payment = 4,000 points.
Skip-a-Pay = 3,750 points.
Wire Transfer = 3,000 points.


Travel & Events

No blackout dates! Don’t have enough points for the entire travel cost? Use points for part of it, and your credit card for the difference.

Starting amounts vary.



Take your pick from electronics, home furnishings, sporting goods and a whole lot more.

Starting amounts vary.


Rate Reductions

Save when taking out a new consumer loan (auto, recreational vehicle, homeowner personal, etc.)

.25% off:
Balance up to $15,000 → 5,000 points.
Balance over $15,000 → 10,000 points.

.50% off:
Balance up to $15,000 → 10,000 points.
Balance over $15,000 → 20,000 points.

*Refunds must be requested 60 days from the date the fee was charged.

Ready to Get Your Rewards?

Now for the fun part. When it’s time to browse all your choices, just log in to online banking or your mobile banking app, then look under your account list for MyPlus Rewards.

Earn Points, Easy

Happy woman celebrating with friends
  • Your debit card earns 1 point per $6 in net purchases and double during a month in which you reach 30 transactions.
  • Your Premier Select Rewards Visa® credit card earns 1.25 points per $1 in net purchases.
  • Your Visa® Platinum Rewards credit card earns 1 point per $1 in net purchases.

Consumer loans, HELOC loans and 2nd mortgages earn:

    • 8 points a month per $1,000 in average daily loan balances

First mortgages earn:

    • 100 points per month

Loans must be current to earn points.

Your savings account earns:

    • 4 points a month per $1,000 in average daily savings balances

Everyone can earn by:

    • Watching your email for special point-earning offers

New members earn:

    • 3,000 points just for opening a membership
    • 1,000 points for completing 2 payroll deposits within 60 days
    • 500 points for logging into online banking within 60 days
    • 500 points for enrolling in digital statements within 60 days

Premier Select Rewards Visa®

Be eligible for cash back, and earn bonus MyPlus Rewards points just for using your card.

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