food pantry shelves full of food
In 2021, the Affinity Plus Foundation gave each branch a $5,000 Community Grant to donate to a local organization of their choosing. The employees of each branch worked hard to identify organizations that helped with needs specific to their communities. 

The Brainerd branch donated their $5,000 Community Grant to Central Lakes College (CLC) Food Pantry. This donation allowed the food pantry to open 3 mobile food pantries that move throughout campus. These mobile food pantries not only give college students access to free food options, but also give access to anyone in the community.

In partnership with Second Harvest North Central Food Bank, the CLC Food Pantry goes beyond the typical food pantry donations of canned goods, they also provide fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, on-the-go snacks, and even personal care items. 

The mobile food pantries are a way to bring the food pantry closer to students and staff, no matter where they are on campus. They also serve as a way to reduce the stigma of food pantries as there is no proof of need required. Students and staff can just grab a healthy snack on their way to class, or community members can stop by to grab fresh produce or personal care items. 

The CLC Food Pantry aligns with the core values of the Affinity Plus Foundation as it exists to ensure everyone in the community has access to essential basic needs.