Schedule of fees & charges for personal accounts

No surprises. You deserve to know exactly what you can be charged and when, without having to sift through multiple pages of fine print.

Below you’ll find it all, simply put.

Josh, an Affinity Plus member, on a purple background.
Josh, Affinity Plus Member

Checking & Savings Fees

Please note: Business Account Fees are different.

ATM / Visa® Debit Withdrawals

To avoid ATM withdrawal fees, please visit our many surcharge-free ATMs on the locations page on our website.

Checking Minimum Balance

Non-Dividend Bearing Accounts: $0
No minimum balance

Dividend-Bearing Accounts: $6
Balance below $200

Personalized Checks

Interest Reward Checking Accounts: Free for life

For all other checking accounts, please see price list available at any branch. Check printing fees and prices may vary depending upon style of check.

Overdraft/Courtesy Pay Item

When we cover a a non-sufficient funds check, ACH, or other item for which overdraft services are provided.

$35 per presentment
$210 cap per day

Returned Item (NSF)

When a check, ACH, or other item is returned for various reasons.

$35 per presentment
$210 cap per day

Stop Payment

To cover the cost of stopping in-progress payments.

$35 per check
$70 series of two or more checks

WINcentive® Savings Accounts

To encourage you to save (and win prizes!), withdrawals from this account incur fees

First withdrawal per year: $10

Second withdrawal per year: $25

Other Account Fees

Loan Payment

Payment from a non-Affinity Plus debit card to an Affinity Plus loan.

$12 per payment

Dormant Account

When there’s no account activity for an extended period of time.

$12 per quarter

Money Market Minimum Balance

A+ Money Market: $20
Balance below $10,000

Nova Money Market: $20
Balance below $25,000


When you’ve arranged with us, in advance, to skip a qualifying loan payment.


Statement / Research

When you request customized statement or account information.

$30 per hour

Subordination Request

When multiple mortgages’ (at multiple institutions) lien positions are re-ordered.


Wire Transfer

Incoming: $10 

Outgoing Domestic: $15*

Outgoing Foreign: $40*

* Receiving institution may charge additional fees.

Use points to reverse fees

You're earning MyPlus Rewards™ points by doing everyday things like spending with your Affinity Plus debit or credit card. Or by saving a certain amount, or taking out a consumer loan with us. And you can redeem those points to reverse select fees.

Josh, an Affinity Plus member, on a purple background.
Josh, Affinity Plus Member