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Routing Number

What is it?


You can also find the routing number in online banking and the mobile app under Account Details.

Bill Pay

Any fees?

No, we don’t charge a fee for this service

How it works.

Payments made through Bill Pay are sent directly to your payee, and done so electronically when possible. Most companies across the U.S. can receive electronic payments, but if the payee CAN’T receive them, we mail a paper check to the address you provide.

How to use it.

First, go to Bill Pay in online banking and set up the payee (the business you’re paying) by selecting Add a Company or Person, and then select the checking account you’re paying from. Then for the payee, enter the amount, adjust the delivery date if you want to make it later than what appears, and then send it.


At the time you’re making the payment, you’ll select the Deliver By date, and the calendar will automatically display the earliest possible date for this the payee. For electronic payments, this is typically 1 – 3 business days; for check payments, it’s typically 3 – 5 business days.

External Transfers

Any fees?

No, we don’t charge a fee for this service.

Adding new external accounts.

To add an external account (an account at a different credit union or bank) to your “transfer to” list, go to Move Money and select Add an External Account, then enter your account and routing numbers. Please note that adding new external accounts needs to be done in online banking via (it can’t yet be done in the mobile app).

Within a couple of days, 2 small trial transactions will be made to your external account. After they appear, go back to Add an External Account and follow the Verify steps. Once your external account’s verified, you can transfer money to and from it using online banking or the mobile banking app.

Internal Transfers

Transferring to other members.

First, if you haven’t yet added their account to your “transfer to” list, you’ll need the other member’s account number (ex: 1234567S7) and last name.

Once you have that info, you’ll need to add it in online banking via (it can’t yet be done in the mobile app). To do that, go to Move Money, then Add Another Member’s Account and follow the steps. After adding it, you can transfer to it anytime by going to Transfer Money in online banking or the mobile app.

Can I make unlimited transfers?

From Checking, yes – you can make as many transfers as you’d like. From Savings, though, because of Federal Regulation D, people are limited to 6 monthly remote (online, by phone or mobile app) transfers and/or withdrawals from each savings account. At any time, you can check an account’s “Reg-D Limit Reached” status at the bottom of your Account Details.

Please note that when an ACH (electronic payment) is attempted from a savings account after the Regulation D limit is reached, it's rejected as NSF (insufficient funds) and an NSF fee is issued.

Lastly, the Regulation D limit doesn’t apply to in-person transfers and/or withdrawals at a branch or ATM.

Order Checks

From Accounts, go into your checking account and select the Order Checks button in the Account Details panel. You'll be navigated to our partner website to order your checks.

Pay a Person (Popmoney)

Any fees?

No, we don’t charge a fee for using this service. If you went directly to the Popmoney website, however, you WOULD be charged a fee (by them).

How to use it.

Go to Move Money and select Popmoney, then enter the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number and amount, and then submit the payment. Please note that if you’re sending the money to a phone number, it has to be mobile (Popmoney won’t work over a landline).

Please note that Popmoney is available through online banking only, and not the mobile app.


If the recipient accepts the transfer and provides their account info by 8 p.m., the funds are usually available the next business day (Mon. – Fri.).

Please note that it could take longer if the recipient hasn’t used Popmoney before, or if they’ll have to log in and accept the payment.

Secure Messaging

What is it?

You can securely send either custom messages, or online request forms (Travel Notice, Debit Card Dispute, Skip a Loan Payment, Wire Transfer and more) to a member advisor from online banking.

You can also send general messages from the mobile app, but most of the online request forms aren’t yet available there.

Response time.

You can expect a reply from a member advisor within the next business day. If you can’t wait that long for a response, please instead call or live chat during business hours.

Security Profile

Password changes.

Go to Profile and then select Password.

Security question changes.

Go to Profile and then select Security Questions.

Statements & Notices

Viewing them.

Once you enroll in digital statements and notices, you can view them in online banking by going to Statements & Notices. From there you can view your member statements, mortgage statements, notices, tax documents and credit card statements.

Wire Transfers

How it works.

You can fill out a secure online Wire Transfer form by going to Contact in online banking and selecting the appropriate link (Domestic Wire vs. International Wire) on the left. Then after you submit the form, a member advisor will contact you to complete the process. They could take up to 1 business day (Mon. – Fri.) to get back to you, but it typically takes just a few hours.

Please note that online Wire Transfer forms are currently only available in online banking (not yet in the mobile app).

Bill Pay

Any fees?

No, we don’t charge a fee for using this service.

It’s in the app?

Yes, you can use Bill Pay in the mobile app, you'll find it on the Move Money screen. But if you’re new to the service, you’ll first need to enroll for it through online banking via (which you can access on your mobile device, just not through the app).

Please note that e-bills aren't in app, so you'll need to log into the online banking site if you're set up to receive bills through Bill Pay.

Express (Biometric) Login

What is it?

For extra security and ease, you can log in with biometrics like fingerprint or face recognition (depending on your device).

Mobile Check Deposit

How to use it.

After tapping the Mobile Check Deposit (camera) icon down in the menu bar: Fill out the “deposit to” and “amount” fields, then snap a picture of your check’s front and back (after smoothing out any creases), and submit it.

Tip: In addition to smoothing out creases, it helps if you put your check on a contrasting background.


A portion of your funds may be immediately available; however, we may place a hold on the funds if we require further review of the deposit.

You’ll receive an email receipt for the deposit and if any adjustments are required, a follow-up confirmation email will be sent.


Transfers to external accounts.

Though you can transfer to existing external accounts from the mobile app, you currently have to add NEW ones in online banking (via under Move Money.

Transfers to other members' accounts.

You can add new members to transfer to and make a transfer from Move Money.

In online banking, go to Tools & Alerts, and then select Download Transactions.

BID for Affinity Plus.

Affinity Plus FCU – New

Is Direct Connect available?

You can download your transactions to Quicken or QuickBooks via Web Connect or Express Web Connect. At this time, Direct Connect isn’t available. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.


Find detailed help on the Quicken & Quickbooks page.

Fees for Personal Memberships

Our commitment is to keep our fees at a minimum to ensure you keep more of your money. With our clear and sensible fee structure you can always be aware of the fees applicable to your account(s).

Download the Personal service fee brochure

Fees for Business Memberships

We're dedicated to working with you to ensure your business's financial success. With our clear and sensible fee structure, you can be confident that you're getting the most value.

Download the Business service fee brochure

Earn and Redeem MyPlus Rewards Points

For an overview of all the ways you can earn points and what you can redeem them for, visit the MyPlus Rewards page.

View MyPlus Rewards Balance

To view your MyPlus Rewards points, log into the mobile banking app or online banking. Select the MyPlus Rewards Points section on the Accounts screen, below your accounts, to go to the rewards site. On the rewards site you'll find your points balance and can view a summary of points earned and redeemed.

Member Benefits Overview

To see all the services, programs, and discounts available to you, visit the Member Benefits page.