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We think that same logic should apply in all aspects of your life – investing in you is the best move you can make for your future goals.

That’s why banking is an important part of the picture for anyone just starting out: Your life investments begin now!

Peace of Mind

When you keep your money in an insured account at a credit union or bank, you can rest assured your deposits are safe. At a federally insured credit union, like Affinity Plus, your deposits are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Association. This insurance comes at no cost to you and protects your accounts and your money should the credit union fail for any reason. At a federally insured bank, the FDIC provides the same insurance. 

Access to your money

One misconception about banking is that you need to have a physical branch nearby to keep track of your finances. However, online banking solutions are keeping you connected to your money more than ever before without stepping into a branch. At Affinity Plus, whether you need to deposit a check, transfer money or pay bills, it can be done right through your phone! Many other financial institutions offer similar tools too. Partner that great technology with a nationwide network of ATMs and you’ll find that credit unions keep you about as close to your money as many big banks.

Expertise & Support
Get support from real people, from helping build a budget to buying a house and everything in between, trained professionals can help you address today’s challenges while preparing for all that comes next. The best part? Many financial institutions, including Affinity Plus, offer video banking, online chat, and other ways to stay connected if life takes you far away from a branch location.


Join Today & Invest in You

There’s no time like now to open an account and gain the security, access and expertise needed to achieve your goals and start building your credit.  

Start investing in you today. You of tomorrow will appreciate it!