$10 million in Business Recovery Loans available during pandemic

Small business owners are an important part of our community and our membership. When times get tough, Affinity Plus stands behind entrepreneurs.

Stepping Up for Businesses

COVID-19 has changed much of the economic landscape here in Minnesota, and our small- and medium-sized businesses felt its impact. We’re focused on our members’ needs, and when the world changes, we’re here to help our business members adapt and succeed. We pride ourselves on being proactive, caring, and efficient.

By the Numbers:

  • 418 Small Business Association Payroll Protection loans preserved over 1,100 jobs
  • $10 million made available through Business Recovery loans

Rapid Response

To ensure our business members had access to the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, we had to move quickly and efficiently. Affinity Plus was able to administer more than 400 SBA loans preserving more than 1,100 jobs for Minnesotans employed at small and medium businesses.

In addition, Affinity Plus provided an additional $10 million in low-interest Business Recovery loans to give our business members the liquidity they needed to stay afloat.