Large purple A, followed by text that reads Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Open a second account

When you become a member, you automatically open a Membership Savings with a deposit of at least $10. That minimum balance requirement is your share in the credit union.

In addition to the Membership Savings, you can open another one at the same time. Add a checking, other savings, money market, or certificate account below.

Shares II Savings

No minimum balance, no fuss. Some people like this account so much, they have more than 1 for different things (vacation, holiday shopping, etc.).

  • No minimum balance
  • No required term
WINcentive® Savings

Each time you increase your month-over-month WINcentive balance by $25, you’re entered into a drawing for cash prizes.

  • $5 minimum balance requirement
  • 12-month savings commitment, with fees for early withdrawal*
  • Prize drawings occur monthly, quarterly and annually

Important Information & Disclosures

Service Fees: A simple explanation of exactly what you can be charged and when.
Truth-in-Savings Disclosure: The rates, terms and limitations that apply to your account.