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A man sitting in a barber chair inside a van

“When COVID hit, we weren’t working, so a couple of people were coming to the house to get their cuts,” said Jackson. “I just decided to get a mobile van because it seemed easier.”

He turned the van into a business – building the things he needed, adding in a chair, televisions, music, sink and more. He says that everything found in the van is everything that he has in a barbershop. All of the hard work and love he put into the van was done all on his own.

“I did all of it myself, except for putting in the music,” said Jackson. “I try to be handy. I didn’t know how to do it, I just tried it, and I think it came out pretty great!”  

Jackson has been a barber for more than 25 years. He says that becoming a barber came naturally for him, as he was always cutting hair for family and friends.

“I used to cut my nephew’s hair, friend’s hair, and I enjoy it,” said Jackson. “I then decided to give it a shot. Both my grandfather and my cousin are barbers, too.”

With his mobile barbershop, he’s been able to provide cuts to 5-6 people each week, outside of working in the barbershop. He says he will go pretty much anywhere within an hour of the Twin Cities. He says most of his clients are early in the morning before he goes to work, or after work, too. Jackson says he enjoys connecting and bonding with his clients.

“I just love connecting and learning more about my clients,” said Jackson. “I’ve got one client who loves what I do. He comes out in his pajamas, brings his coffee, and we just sit and talk, watch some television, listen to music awhile I do my thing.”

Jackson says it brings him such joy to offer a service that offers both convenience and quality service. He says that the most rewarding part is being able to do what he loves.

“I love being able to serve people, especially mobile,” said Jackson. “I just enjoy cutting so if anyone wants me to come to them, I have no problem coming over as I enjoy doing it.

If you’d like to schedule your own mobile cut, Jarone says to reach out via email:

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