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Gabby Sullivan has been a personal member of Affinity Plus for around 8 years. When she wanted to make her dream of opening her own food truck a reality, Gabby reached out to the Cambridge branch to help her do so. They helped her through the process of setting up a business membership to get her food truck’s finances in order. 

“I just love the atmosphere and that everybody is super helpful. I thought since I already have a personal account there and it’s been awesome and great, that I would continue to go through Affinity.” said Gabby. 

Gabby’s food truck, named Chub Hub, serves specialty wontons and egg rolls. They have been in business since October of 2020, which was a difficult year for all businesses. Gabby is thankful that Affinity Plus helped her start her business off on a successful note during such a hard time. She said everyone she worked with was super helpful, especially Member Advisor Kelly Naslund, and got her where she needed to be. 

Not only did the Cambridge branch help Gabby in setting up her business membership, they offered to host her first day of business in their parking lot! For two weeks leading up to opening day, the branch promoted Chub Hub to members by handing out mini flyers with the menu items listed and $1 off coupons through the drive-thru. Gabby was parked in the parking lot from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and thanks to all the promotions, she sold out shortly before 5 p.m. 

“Between Affinity Plus highly promoting me and the perfect location of the Cambridge branch, it was the perfect combination for a great first day!” said Gabby. 

The Cambridge branch continues to support Gabby and her food truck as they have catered through her for various occasions. They also continue to check in regularly with Gabby to make sure everything is going well and to help out where they can. Gabby said that they are so easy to work with and always go above and beyond. 

“The support of Affinity Plus has meant everything to me. I truly believe they helped me get my big break in starting the food truck.” said Gabby. 

Through the power of community, Gabby had a successful first day and continues to have a successful business. She was not expecting to have so many members come out, especially on a cold and rainy October day. After being with Affinity Plus personally for 8 years, Gabby was used to the caring community of Affinity Plus, but this took it to a whole new level. 

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