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What we do at Affinity Plus

Banking for people, instead of profit

We put people first in all areas of our business. Because at Affinity Plus, we don’t think the way the banks have been doing business is right. We’re a not-for-profit credit union. Unlike banks, we structure all of our products to benefit people first, in all areas of our business.

That’s what we mean when we talk about people before profit. It’s a way of doing business that puts people before profits and sees people as individuals first. It’s helping ordinary people do extraordinary things. It’s about empowering our members and helping them reach their financial goals. It’s a way of looking at products, services and decisions that ensures everything we do is right for our members. It’s making sure all our business practices are fair and transparent and using a fee structure puts members needs’ first. And it’s why we educate and empower consumers to take an active role in their financial wellbeing. Because we believe that if we do what’s right for every member, every time, the financials will follow. That’s what human banking is. It’s not-for-profit. It’s for people. 

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Affinity Plus has perks you can really use--like reducing loan rates.

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Our members come first in everything we do. It is our focus every day.

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So what is the difference between Affinity Plus and a typical bank? 

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Information about the agency that regulates, charters and insures federal credit unions.

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