Quicken & QuickBooks

Wondering how the 4/3/2018 online banking system upgrade will affect your current download connections? Here are some tips for ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.


What's Changing

Direct Connect is unavailable
We're working to get Direct Connect available again. When it is, this page will be updated.
What to use instead
Express Web Connect (the online version) can be used in place of Direct Connect.


Upgrade Deadlines & Timing

By 4/2/2018

Please complete your final download from the current system by 1 p.m. CST on 4/2/2018.


On or after 4/3/2018

Disconnect accounts from Affinity Plus FCU.


After 4/3/2018

Connect accounts for Affinity Plus FCU - New

  • Reconnect with Web Connect starting 4/3/2018.
  • Reconnect Express Web Connect starting 4/10/2018.
  • Direct Connect will no longer be available as of 4/3/2018, and you'll need to convert to either Web Connect or Express Web Connect (the online version).
  • Express Web Connect isn't compatible with the desktop version of QuickBooks.


To ensure uninterrupted service…

Please see the instructions below.