Frequently Asked Questions--FAQs

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What is the ABA routing number for Affinity Plus?
Where can I get deposit slips and withdrawal request forms?

You can download them and print them off here.

Download deposit and payment form 

Where is the login area to access online banking?

The log in area is in the upper left corner under the Affinity Plus logo on every page. You can also log in by clicking the button below.

Online banking log in 

Where can I access product and service forms?
Frequently requested forms can be downloaded in our Product & Service  Form section.
Is it safe to do my banking on the Internet?

Yes. Transactions done through Access Plus are protected in several ways. Accounts are password protected with your private PIN. A timeout feature will automatically log you off after a period of inactivity. Affinity Plus employs the latest in firewall technology to protect member transactions, using encryption software. If you see a connected "lock" or "key" in the corner of your screen, you can rest assured that your interactions with our computer are going through the secure server and are thoroughly encrypted. Please see our Privacy and Security section for more details.

Is the password to log in to online banking the same as the one I use for ATM transactions?
No. The online banking password is a separate password. To request one, please contact us at (651) 291-3700 or (800) 322-7228, visit any of our branch locations, or contact us via online chat.
What password do I use in online banking to transfer money, request a check to self or request a statement?
It is the same password you use to log in to online banking.
Why does my password automatically show up on the log in page when I go there?
Your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) has a feature that lets you choose to have it remember passwords. To make your password stop showing up automatically, check your browser settings. Please note that your settings will affect all your passwords, not just the Affinity Plus password.
I am unable to log in to online banking. What can I do?

If the error message is saying that your member number or password is incorrect or that your account is locked out, please contact us and we can reset the password.

Please check to make sure we are not currently completing scheduled maintenance if you are unable to access the website. The Access Plus online banking Web Site will be unavailable every Monday from approximately 6:00 - 6:30 AM and the second Saturday of each even month (February, April, June, August, October, December) from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. for system maintenance and updates. If you are unable to log on during those times, please wait 20 minutes and try again. If the system is down during other times, there will be a message posted on the home page and the log in page

For other error messages and causes, here are several browser settings that may need to be changed.

Will an electronic payment from another bank post to my account the same day I initiate it?
No, an electronic payment will not post to your account for one business day. If it is initiated on a Friday, it will not credit your account until Monday.
How late is the drive thru open?
Please visit our locations page for branch hours, which vary between branches. You may also find locations and hours in our mobile apps.
What the address for sending in deposits and loan payments?
You mail mail deposits and loan payments to:

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 64569
St. Paul, MN 55164-0569
Why can't I transfer from savings?

Federal Regulation D limits the number of transactions on a share or money market account in a given month to six. This regulation will affect electronic transactions such transfers or payments through online banking or automated banking by phone. This regulation also prohibits representatives from making a transfer for you when the request is by phone, e-mail, or through secure chat. Affinity Plus accounts subject to Regulation D are the following: Membership Savings (S1), Shares II (S2), Holiday Club (S31), Vacation Club (S30), Capitol Money Market (S6), A+ Money Market (S66), Nova Money Market (S67). 

If you’ve reached your limit of 6 electronic transfers for the month you will need to visit an ATM, or a branch to make a transfer.