Lock & Shop

Haven’t found the right place yet, but don’t want to worry about interest rates going up? Lock in a rate and keep shopping for up to 60 days, then take another 30 to close. Whatever happens to rates during that time, yours is capped. It can’t go up. But if they go down, so can yours.*

Get Pre-approved

How It Works

Your Application & Pre-approval

First, you apply for a mortgage and find out the amount you can spend.

Eligible Loans

The Lock & Shop program’s available for first mortgage purchases, all terms, and ARM (adjustable-rate mortgage) loans.

Locking the Rate

After you’re pre-approved, let your mortgage loan officer know you’d like to lock the rate. They’ll answer any questions and help you decide if you want to lock it right away, or maybe wait a bit.

Timing for Everything

The rate lock’s good for 90 days, and here’s how it breaks down:

  • You have about 60 days to shop
  • We’ll need your signed purchase agreement 30 days before the lock expires
  • That leaves you 30 days to close
  • If you close after 90 days, you can either relock at current rates or pay to extend your existing rate lock

Get Pre-approved

60-Day Lock (No Shop)

Would you rather just start with a fully executed purchase agreement (signed, accepted offer) and have 60 days to close? You can lock a rate as soon as we receive that and all other required documentation. Your mortgage loan officer can answer any questions about it.

* We require a fully executed purchase agreement to lock at the lower rate.

A rate lock is not a loan approval; a loan approval will come from Affinity Plus once the underwriter has reviewed all of the required documentation. All rates are subject to loan level pricing adjustments based on individual loan attributes and are subject to change if those loan attributes change from when the loan was locked. Other terms and fees may apply.