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Small Purchases Help Your Credit

The smaller your credit card purchases are, the easier it is to pay off your balance each month. And that does wonders for your credit score. Also, paying off your balance every single month is key if you want to avoid paying interest.

On-time Payments are a Must

A big chunk of your credit score is based on your paying bills on time. So if you can help it, you never want to be late with that.

A+ Tip: You can schedule payments in advance from another Affinity Plus account, or from an external account at a different financial institution. In either the mobile banking app or online banking, you do this on the Move Money screen.

You Might Even Want to Pay Early

A low credit utilization rate (the percentage of available credit that you actually use) can help your credit score, too. And the lower it is when your issuer reports your balance and payment activity to the credit bureaus each month, the better.

The thing is, that timing might not match the end of your monthly billing cycle. So an extra step you could take is, find out when that reporting happens, and always pay off your balance right beforehand.

Consider Rewards, Too

When choosing a credit card, think about the rewards you can earn on purchases. Also consider if one card, but not another, makes you eligible for cash back. For example, the Affinity Plus Visa® Premier Select Rewards card does, but the Visa Premier Classic doesn’t.

A+ Tip: You can check and redeem your MyPlus Rewards™ points anytime in the mobile banking app or online banking, from the Accounts screen.

Visa Signature Benefits

Many people don’t realize that their credit cards come with automatic, money-saving perks. When you open an Affinity Plus Visa Premier Select Rewards card, you have access to all the Visa Signature benefits: cell phone protection (damage or theft), extended warranties, assistance with travel emergencies, rental car collision coverage, price protection, and more.

Free Credit Monitoring

You can check your credit score and sign up for credit monitoring in the mobile banking app or online banking, right on the Accounts screen. All for free.

A+ Tip: If you enroll in credit monitoring, your alerts will go to the email address listed in digital banking. So make sure your contact info’s current! You’ll find it on Profile screen. In the mobile banking app, there’s a link to it on the More screen. And in online banking, you’ll see a link in the upper-right.

How to Get a Credit Card

Affinity Plus members can apply right in the mobile banking app, from the More screen. Or members can log in to online banking at, then click “Apply” in the upper-right.

And if you’re NOT a member yet, there’s another way to do it online. You can apply for the credit card + new membership at the same time from our website, without logging in to anything.