A couple look at a tape measure while working on a DIY project

Why HELOCs Make Sense

HELOCs can be used for cash management, too, but most people who get a HELOC do it to fund home improvement projects. And the flexibility of this revolving line of credit (vs. a lump-sum loan for a specific amount) can be especially helpful with home projects. Partly because the final cost of the work can change, and it can end up taking longer than expected.

It's a Revolving Balance

With an Affinity Plus HELOC, you have a revolving balance with a variable interest rate. That means you can pay your balance and reuse the available credit – it doesn’t disappear just because you finish your project.

You Can Use it Over Time

Another advantage of an Affinity Plus HELOC, is that you can keep it open for up to 10 years. So you could potentially complete several projects over time, instead of trying to do it all in one shot.