Savings Accelerator

Add the optional Savings Accelerator to one of our auto loans, and get a lower rate. In exchange for that, you commit to building a savings account with deposits every month until your loan’s paid off. And the more you save, the more interest you earn. Win, win, win.

How It Works


Eligible Auto Loans

You can add this to a newly opened auto loan (for a new or used vehicle), or to a full refinance of your existing auto loan.


Loan Rate Reduction

The amount of your auto loan rate reduction depends on your credit score.

Credit Score Rate Reduction
620 or less 0.50%
620 - 669 or No Score    0.25%
670 or greater 0.05%


Setting It Up

After your application’s approved, if you’d like to add Savings Accelerator, a member advisor will open a new savings account for you.


Required Deposit Amounts

Your first deposit must equal the amount of your monthly car payment. After your first big savings deposit, which is made right away when your loan is funded, your monthly deposits just need to be at least $15. Those deposits are in addition to your separate monthly loan payments, and both must be set up as automatic transfers. This lasts until you pay off your loan.


Earning Interest

This savings account earns 1% APY on balances up to $2,000. Any funds over $2,000 will earn the market savings rate.


When You Get the Money

Part of your saving commitment, in exchange for the lower loan rate, is that you don’t withdraw anything from this account during the life of your loan. But when you pay off the loan, all the funds in this savings account are transferred to your Membership Savings.



Ready for a reduced rate?

After your auto loan application’s approved, a member advisor will ask if you want to add Savings Accelerator. If you do, they’ll set everything up.

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