Affinity Plus ATMs

Our FREE ATM Network, "MoneyPass", provides you with over 24,000 surcharge-free ATMs, including locations at Premier Bank, U.S. Bank, Associated Bank and all Affinity Plus branch locations*. You view a list of ATM locations at the following link

PLEASE NOTE: ATM deposits are only available at some Affinity Plus ATMs and not possible at non-Affinity Plus ATMs.

Cash Back at Merchants

In addition to the expanded ATM network, we’re proud to announce a new alternative for free access to your cash. You now have the opportunity to get cash back while making purchases at several merchants by using your Affinity Plus Visa Debit card. When you swipe your card at the completion of your transaction, you will need to hit “debit” and enter your PIN. Then, you will be able to receive cash back. This will allow you free access to your money as if you were at an ATM machine.

If you don’t have an Affinity Plus Visa Debit card and would like to take advantage of these new enhancements, visit any Affinity Plus branch or call us at (651) 291-3700 or (800) 322-7228.We can issue you a Visa Debit card on the spot!

* Please note: We no longer belong to the Instant Cash network. You will be charged a fee. 

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