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Home Equity Loans

Put your home's equity to work.

Borrowing with your home's equity as collateral (the difference between your home's current value and what you owe on your mortgage) offers some major benefits.

Home Equity Benefits

Home Equity Loan benefits

  • The interest rate will usually be much lower than what you would pay on a credit card or personal loan
  • The interest you pay on a home equity loan is usually tax
    deductible (consult your tax adviser to determine your specific tax
  • You may use a portion of your home's equity for home
    improvements, college tuition, a new car, a vacation, a wedding, pay off
    bills and more  

Line of Credit

Borrow up to a preset limit using checks or online banking. Variable interest rate tied to Prime Rate index. Funds are available as loan is repaid without reapplying.

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Lump Sum Loan

Borrow at a fixed rate with terms up to 15 years; monthly payment stays constant throughout the loan term. Can be paid to you directly or you can designate the recipient.

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