To be compatible with the mobile app and online banking, your devices need to be on recent enough versions of their operating system (OS). And on certain web browsers, too, when applicable. This is to ensure the security of your information.



Since the mobile app doesn’t use a web browser, all that matters is that your phone or tablet’s OS version is recent enough.

iPhones & iPads

  • iOS 11 and up

Android Phones & Tablets

  • Android 6 "Marshmallow" and up


If your operating system is older
  • You won’t be able to use the app, because older operating systems can’t provide adequate information security.

Threats become more sophisticated over time, and mobile operating systems (iOS and Android) keep up by adding protections to each new version. And when your device is no longer able to make those updates, your data becomes more vulnerable.

We strongly encourage our members to use more current devices, with more advanced security protections.



Most members access online banking with a laptop or desktop computer, but it’s possible to use it on a mobile device with a web browser. So this section includes browser requirements for phones and tablets, too.

Laptop & Desktop Computers

  • Operating Systems
    • Mac OS 10.10 "Yosemite" and up
    • Windows 7 and up
  • Browsers
    • Mac: Safari and Firefox
    • Windows: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer


Phones & Tablets

This only applies if accessing online banking via web browser (not the mobile app). And we recommend the 2 most recent versions of these for full functionality.

  • Browsers
    • iPhones & iPad: Safari
    • Android: Chrome