Quick! Leave before there's a leaving fee.

What does the term “free” mean to you? At some banks, “free” is a relative term. While they don’t charge something called a “monthly maintenance fee,” they’re more than happy to charge you for not hitting a minimum balance, for not having direct deposit, or even for not using your debit card enough. It’s a crazy, backwards banking world out there, isn’t it?

To us, “free” is a simple concept. It’s not “free if you jump through X, Y, and Z hoop, then stand on your nose and do long division.” It’s just free. If you feel like you have more important things to do than guard your checking balance against a technicality, come join us. We’ll keep your money right where you left it. After all, what are credit unions for?

What's the reward for sufficient funds?

You are special. Yes, you! And we think you deserve to be rewarded. But not just for rare stuff like opening an account or closing a mortgage -those tend to be their own reward- but for everyday stuff like making deposits, using your debit card, or just plain being a member! Waiting for a catch? You’ll be waiting a while…

Will they wonder "Where did ol' #4751764860 go?"

We won’t bother asking if your bank remembers your name. The question is, do they remember that you have a name? We’re here to help you person-to-person; not because it’s profitable- because it’s right. It’s our job to know your story, and to anticipate your needs. When you switch your account to us, you’ll feel the difference. Stop by your local branch or call (800) 322-7228.