Bringing Happiness and Healing to Minnesota Kids

Hospital stays are never much fun, especially when you’re a kid. Three Affinity Plus branches recognized the need to take out the fear and anxiety of those stays by donating equipment at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul. Gillette focuses on treating complex conditions and rare disorders in children and young adults like cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and spina bifida among many others.

Back in March, right before the onset of COVID-19, three branches: St. Paul – Lafayette, St. Paul – Capitol, and the Digital Branch, joined forces to purchase some items from Gillette’s wish list. On that list included an interactive and mobile gaming system, which allows kids to interact and play together during their hospital stay. The funding also purchased an interactive gaming system and extendable arm for the clinic's casting room. This will allow kids to play and enjoy distraction while having casts molded, a sometimes long and uncomfortable process.

The new equipment will be located in Gillette’s inpatient rehabilitation playroom and inpatient casting room, where kids can escape the hospital life and focus on being kids.

When the pandemic struck, purchasing plans for this equipment had to be put on hold, but recently, the green light was given to restart this process. Affinity Plus employees recently had the pleasure of visiting Gillette’s and delivering a check to be used for the equipment.

We are happy to partner with Gillette’s and provide equipment that will make a hospital stay a little less scary.