Live Life Your Way

Owning a home is a huge life decision. It’s where we put our roots and decide to grow. And when it’s your home, it can be anything you want it to be.

Dream your dream

Homeownership means freedom to be who you are, however you’d like. It’s your style, your decoration, your energy. Home is where we build our futures and ourselves.

When you start thinking about searching for that perfect house, it’s important to remember size, location, and affordability. All of these aspects will affect your decision to buy a property, and they could be the deciding factor in not being able to purchase a potential dream home.

At Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, we want you to be prepared and confident as you head into your home search. We have the people and the online tools ready to help you as you consider how much house to consider. 

How much is too much?

When we talk about affordability, it’s not a straight comparison between rent and mortgages. Owning a home means you are on the hook for maintenance costs, property taxes, home insurance, HOA costs (if applicable), and more. 

An easy way to compare different properties is to look at the price per square foot of the homes. Another guaranteed way to know how much you can afford is to apply for preapproval, meaning we’d look at your finances and tell you how much you could borrow.

We can help you figure it out

As an Affinity Plus member, we can help you, with have access to:

  • Our Affordability Calculator gives you a glimpse at what your options are when considering, debt, income, interest rates, and down payments. 
  • Our partnership with HomeAdvantage® gives you free access to real estate professionals and a searchable database of homes for sale.

We’re here to help 

Schedule an appointment with a member advisor to talk out your financial situation and see how you can get where you’d like to go. Or access our free tools – like situational calculators or an automatic savings option – we have available to help you save, learn, and grow.