I am having a love affair. The object of my affection is so darn gorgeous, responsive to my needs and always ready to hang out with me, I can hardly keep from showing my new love off to anyone who shows even a modest amount of interest.  

I never thought I could feel such affection for something that doesn’t have a pulse. But, life is full of surprises. If you could see my beautiful new (used) car, an Acura RDX, I bet you would fall in love too. (Look, but don’t touch…this one is mine!)

When I drive my pretty new car, I feel good. In fact, I feel so good I find other people to be more attractive, more generous, more kind-hearted and much more likely to make way for me on the freeway. I had no idea that investing in a new car would bring such dividends in good will towards the world!

The process of the car purchase is about as fun as hours of paperwork generally is. But, the “buying” of the new car wasn’t really the point, it’s the joy of ownership in something that makes me happy that matters.

When you are shopping for a new car, the smallest details can matter. Having someone who knows about cars give you advice, and having financing set up in advance to make the process as smooth as possible. Working with dealers that you can trust and know that if something goes wrong, for whatever reason, they are more partner than snake oil salesman.

Personally, I financed my car and with Affinity Plus and worked with Member Advisors who knew how to make the experience about me and my car, not about the loan and the financing.

What’s your car “love” story?