Amanda’s secret to savings success: “Make it feel untouchable”

Amanda C. is in a stage of life that is familiar for a lot of people in their 20s and 30s: a growing family and a new house. Changes that lead to real-world expenses, many of which are unexpected! Over the last few years, Amanda has enrolled in two savings programs through Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union – Stash Your Cash and Savings Accelerator – to make it easier to build a nest egg for her family.

“It’s really good to save, but it’s just not as simple as saying, ‘Just save the money, then,’” Amanda said. “People have a lot of baggage rolled up into how they feel about savings and money and debt. For me, building up your savings over time in the background keeps it from becoming an emergency.”

Amanda admitted that if she has money in her checking account, she wont’s save it. If she looks at her account balance and there’s money that appears, she said she feels free to spend. That’s where Affinity Plus comes in.

  • Stash Your Cash offers a simple method for saving that is available to any member with a checking account. Every time a member makes a purchase using their Affinity Plus debit card, the amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the excess change is transferred to the savings account of their choice.

  • Savings Accelerator is a loan feature that helps members save money over the life of their auto loan with Affinity Plus, while also receiving a reduced rate. All members approved for an auto loan can take advantage of this savings feature, and some members can use it to receive a loan when they may not have otherwise qualified.

“With direct deposits made to my savings, it makes that money feel untouchable. I almost forget I have it until I look,” Amanda said.

“Plus, [these savings programs] don’t get in the way of other methods of saving. I still have the flexibility to choose another savings method that works for me and my family,” she added. “They run in the background and don’t interfere.” 

So in a phase of life that’s full and ever-changing, Amanda feels confident in some of the unexpected expenses that she knows will come along.

In a short period of time, Amanda has saved more than $1,500 through Stash Your Cash and the Savings Accelerator. 

“It’s nice to know the money is there in our savings, and that an unexpected expense wouldn’t wreck us,” Amanda said. “There’s comfort in that.”