Ham, chocolate bunnies, and the inevitable hard boiled eggs… when our mouths aren’t full of the food and fun of the Easter Holiday, where does the conversation turn? For one Minnesota family, the topic was banks. Here’s Debbie’s tale (no bunny pun intended):

Yesterday at our family's Easter gathering, I was really surprised at how much of the conversation was about banking.  Having worked at Affinity Plus for a number of years, I am accustomed to getting questions outside of the office about products or loans.  But the conversation – mostly focused on what the banks are doing to stick it to their customers – was out of the norm for a family gathering. 

We had three generations involved in the discussion, and ears really perked up when my 78 year old mom said, “Nothing has changed.  Banks have always been like this.  I remember 40 years ago when your father went to our community bank and asked to put two loans together so we could pay them off faster, he was told no.  Mind you, he had a good job and had never paid late in his life, but by putting these loans together the bank would have made less money off us.  The banker did tell your father that if he ever REALLY needed help, he should come back.  We took that to mean come back if there’s ever a chance they could make more money off us.  They did not care about people then either.” 

This was quite a surprise to some of us, because we are more likely to hear people reminisce about the days when banking was done “by a handshake”.  Yet I remember , even in my own experience, asking for a $600 car loan from a Big Bank 30 years ago, and after three days of waiting for an answer I had to go confront the banker to get a simple yes or no.

The more things change, it seems, the more things stay the same...at least where the Big Banks are concerned.

What are your friends and family saying about their banking experiences?  Are they fed up, or resigned, or indifferent?