Prepare for amazing!

Chances are you’ve heard: Your Affinity Plus digital banking experience is getting an upgrade!

Members have told us they want to bank on their own time with a simple, convenient and powerful digital experience. We’ve listened to that feedback, and we’re pleased to be making significant progress this year.

Overall, our team of digital experts is building a top-of-the-line digital banking experience. We think members will love what we’re preparing.

Our most-important effort has been listening closely to what members are telling us. They’ve shared thoughts in person and on the phone. They responded to surveys and shared ideas and comments on social media. We’ve even held focus groups so we could get immediate feedback on work that’s underway.

Our work has evaluated nearly every Affinity Plus banking experience. We’ve looked at the most-routine transactions, and how we can improve. We’ve also looked at the most-significant milestones in members’ lives. We want to know where Affinity Plus has played – or could play – a part.

Finally, we’ve looked for inspiration beyond our banking industry. We know there’s a lot of smart people doing great things with technology. We’ve borrowed some of the most-exciting technology ideas and improvements happening in today’s marketplace.

All this work is upgrading your digital banking experience including the Affinity Plus website, rewards program, online banking and the mobile banking app.

  • Website - The online banking login box now has permanent home in the upper right-hand corner of the page. It will remain there whether you view the page from your computer or mobile device, no matter the size of your window or screen.
  • Online banking Online banking gets streamlined navigation and improved stability.
  • Mobile app- The mobile app will be faster and easier with an up-to-date, user-friendly interface. Features will include TouchLogin and an option to switch on Quick Balance. Quick Balances means members won’t have to login to get a view of account balances.
  • Rewards program – We’re taking the best parts of our two rewards programs and creating one rewards program that will bring our members the opportunity to choose a reward that they value such as a travel, merchandise, gift cards, rate reductions, or fee refunds.

As we’re working on all these amazing upgrades, there’s things you can do, too:

• Update your contact information
• Watch for more email and social-media updates from Affinity Plus

In August, we introduced you to Kat. She’s an Affinity Plus member and one of our own – an Affinity Plus employee, too. Because of that, she has great insights about all these upgrades, and what it means to members (including her!)

Kat is your guide and friend as we move forward with these upgrades to your digital experience. In the coming months, she’ll provide important updates about features, benefits and other details so you’ll be ready for all the changes and improvements.

Affinity Plus is incredibly excited about the future. Thank you for your membership and trust in your credit union!