Jeremy has been my friend since we were teenagers.  He lives in Grand Rapids, Minnesota with his wife and two small children.  He is a hard worker and owns two small businesses.  He is very easy going and has a great sense of humor.  As easy going as he is, his patience with his current bank is running thin. 

On a regular basis I ask him what hoops he had to jump through this month so he won’t receive any new service fees.  One month he will have to open up new accounts or set up automatic transfers, the list goes on and on.  He said it is almost like playing a game of sorts.  But he is getting fed up with the games.

He has been contemplating ditching his bank and joining Affinity Plus, but like many, for whatever reason has not done so yet.  We’ll be tracking Jeremy’s relationship with his current bank.  We’ll share his stories with you and you’ll get a first-hand look at how Jeremy decides what he values in banking and who he should trust with his money and his future.

Stay Tuned....

Today's Blogger and Jeremy's friend and advocate is Brad. Brad worked for 12 years for a community bank before joining Affinity Plus in 2006.  He is thrilled to be working at a place that gives him the freedom to do what is right for every member every time