Jeremy was shocked the other day while making a deposit through the drive through at his big bank.  On numerous occasions previously he has had to play games to keep his "free checking", free.  So far he has had to:set up automatic transfers, open additional savings accounts, and transfer between accounts several times per month. This time, the teller waiting on him mentioned that he would again need to meet with a personal banker so that he could find out what he would need to do to keep his free checking free this time around. 

Jeremy has yet to have his required meeting, but when he does, he will let us know what hoops he has to jump through or games he has to play this time.  Even if he avoids a monthly service charge, it makes you wonder what value all this time meeting with personal bankers is costing Jeremy. 

We'll keep you posted.

At Affinity Plus, no member is every forced to meet with a "banker". And our free checking is just that-FREE. No hoops, no fine print. 

Today's Blogger and Jeremy's friend and advocate is Brad. Brad worked for 12 years for a community bank before joining Affinity Plus in 2006.  We are following Jeremy's journey towards ditching his bank. Keep checking our blog to trace Jeremy's steps and see how his big bank treats him and his family.