It was a sticky, rainy day and to escape the weather my husband and I, with our two-year-old in tow, headed to the Mall of America and its air conditioning.

Going to the mall with a toddler, means a stroller is a necessity. Two years ago, we insisted on a $500 stroller for our little one.  I still like the stroller, and so does our son. But, it’s really bulky and heavy. While it is certainly maneuverable on trails and urban treks, it is somewhat cumbersome in an indoor setting. So, instead of using our expensive stroller, we rented one for $5.

While wandering the mall and pushing our rented stroller,  we visited The Buckle, a clothing retailer.

Unlike at other stores, I didn't feel pounced on the moment I walked in the door, instead I felt attended to. The young woman, Casey, introduced herself and asked me what I was looking for. Within seconds she had pulled four different jeans from various spots in the store, opened a dressing room and discreetly left me alone. With perfect timing she returned to ask me, not if I liked the jeans, but how they felt; was the style, cut, color, size,  right? She came back with a couple more samples. She was present, but not intrusive. Knowledgeable but not a know-it-all. Engaging, but not aggressive. She anticipated my needs and acted on them. I bought the jeans not only because I liked them and they made me look good, but because Casey made me feel good.

Value doesn't only mean I get the most of something for the least amount of money. I have an expensive and fancy stroller, yet it has less value at the mall, then the $5 rental one. I can buy jeans anywhere for $20. But, I can't find the RIGHT jeans, handpicked by someone who knows jeans and cares about my experience just anywhere.

Big Banks offer deals for opening a "qualifying account" and using it in a "qualifying way".  But, does this really add value to the experience? If you have to work to keep the product, is it really working for you at all?

The right financial product for you should actually start with YOU, not your money. It’s probably not one thing that will always be the "right" thing. With your finances, convenience and value is about what works for you, not what works for the bank. At Affinity Plus, your situation and goals change, and we change with you to make the most of what works the best for you.