Save more in 2017

We can likely all agree that saving is a priority, whether it’s saving for goals large and small, or for unexpected emergencies. Yet often, the hardest part about saving is actually doing it. That has proven true across the United States. The statistics are staggering! Approximately 26% of adults have no savings for emergencies, while another 36% have yet to save for retirement. Even more, it is estimated that 38 million households live pay check-to-paycheck.

Based on that evidence, we know that many of our members feel that saving is no easy feat. Sometimes it may be as simple as skipping your regular latte. Other times, there are bigger obstacles. Regardless of the challenges you are up against, Affinity Plus is here. We can offer the guidance and tools to start saving, or maybe even excel.

  • In the past year, we launched the WINcentive Savings® program. You’re entered into a state-wide drawing every time you deposit
    $25, with up to four entries per month by depositing $100. So far members have saved more than $1 million in their WINcentive
    accounts and have already won more than $41,000 in prize winnings!
  • Have an auto loan in your future? The Savings Accelerator feature requires you to deposit $15 into a separate savings account each month until your loan is paid in full. When your loan is paid off, you’ll have extra savings set aside to help meet your savings goals. You’re also eligible for an interest rate reduction on your auto loan when you choose this feature!
  • Make saving automatic by enrolling in Stash Your Cash. Every time you use your debit card, your purchase amount will be rounded up to the next dollar and the extra change will be deposited into a savings account of your choice. It’s just change, but it adds up!
  • Flex your savings muscles and commit to the 52 Week Challenge. The first week of 2017, you’ll save $1. The second week you’ll
    save $2, the third $3, and so on. By the end of the year, you’ll have $1378 saved! A member advisor can help you set up a separate savings account to make it easy to save.    
  • We also upgraded our mobile banking platform with transfer capabilities—even to friends and family. From a financial education perspective, we’ve stepped out to offer more seminars and one-on-one guidance with the help of financial educators. These efforts, along with others, are part of our commitment to serve you with the values that uphold our credit union: Care. Integrity. Excellence.

As we kickoff this new year, let each of us take a moment to reflect on our own savings balances, behaviors and goals. Is there an opportunity to make a change? Let’s save together.