Message from President/CEO, Dave Larson

Once again, the news is filled with charges of unethical banking practices at a big bank. I speak for all of us at Affinity Plus when I say we’re deeply disappointed by these allegations.
When we hear about people being taken advantage of, we pause and do two things:

  1. We remind ourselves that as a not-for-profit cooperative, our core values of Caring, Excellence and Integrity are the foundation for our work every single day.
  2. We ask ourselves, “How are we making sure that we’re meeting our highest expectations?”

In 2016, Affinity Plus took the step of reviewing over 10,000 pieces of member feedback we obtained through member surveys. We reviewed every single comment to ensure that our members do not feel pressured to enroll in unnecessary products or services. We didn’t find one single example.
As Affinity Plus President and CEO, I never want you to feel as many big-bank customers are feeling now.  In fact, I want to hear from you if you’ve ever felt that Affinity Plus:

  • opened an account deceptively;
  • opted you into a service you didn’t want or need;
  • gave you improper or poor service.

You can reach me at any time by via Twitter @larshook. Along with that, you can visit any of our 28 branches statewide. You can call Affinity Plus at (800) 322-7228. Online, we have a terrific chat feature that connects you with a real human being.
Affinity Plus stands behind our financial products and services. But more importantly – we stand with you. Thank you for being an Affinity Plus member. It’s our honor to serve you every day.