The Christmas holiday is just around the corner and as we close the books on 2011, it's a good time to reflect on what we have seen and heard throughout the past year.

We have seen Big Banks test and introduce new fees, only to retract them as public outcry reached a crescendo. We have seen consumers ditching their banks in record numbers through national movements started by ordinary people like "Bank Transfer Day" on November 5th. We have heard Big Bank CEO's claim that it is their "right" and "responsibility" to earn profits for their shareholders, rather than focus on doing what is right for individuals and communities.

Affinity Plus has been in the news more than ever before with recognition for our actions to help State of Minnesota employees during the State Shutdown. In addition, coverage of the influx of members visiting our branches on Bank Transfer Day and our response to the growth in our membership numbers by adding more employees to serve our members has been extensive.

For the curious, here are several of the news items that have circulated on the efforts we have made to offer an alternative to the Big Bank mentality and the very positive response we see from ordinary people, who do extraordinary things every day of their lives- people just like you and me. If you ever doubted that people are seeing and feeling the difference, hopefully seeing how others have come forward to make the switch will inspire you to do the same (if you haven't already!)

Affinity Plus Boost Hiring to meet Member Demand 

Pioneer Press- Credit Unions Ride the wave of anti-bank fervor in the U.S

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal- Minnesota Credit Unions claim 10,000 new members

ABC Channel 5 News Coverage- Interview with an Affinity Plus Member Advisor and  President/CEO Kyle Markland