Introducing Card Lock, the new mobile app providing complete card control on-the-go!

Your account security is Affinity Plus’ top priority. We already provide many levels of security to protect members’ accounts, and now are excited to provide Card Lock, a mobile app designed to make managing your Affinity Plus credit card easier when you’re on the go!

Get started. Download the Card Lock app for your Apple device. Pick and choose from a variety of alerts and controls within Card Lock – whatever works best for your individualized spending and usage habits.

Alerts. Select which transaction types you would like to be alerted of when they occur via email or text. Options include:
• Online activity
• Payment Due or Past Due
• Authorization amount
• Declined transactions
• Fuel dispenser/Gas station purchase
• Approaching credit line
• And more!

Controls. Select the types of transaction you would like blocked. You can choose any or all of these controls:
• Authorization amount
• International transactions
• Internet transactions
• Master control/Lock card and decline all transactions

Tips and Tricks.
• When adding a credit card to the app, be sure to enter in the card expiration date in YYMM format.
• Don’t forget to add your phone number or email address under ‘Destination Management.’ You won’t receive any alerts if you forget this step, regardless if you have push notifications turned on!
• The ‘Nickname’ field can be a maximum of ten characters.

Remember: It’s important you take an active role in protecting your own accounts. Doing so makes you more confident about using your mobile device and helps reduce potential fraud. Your mobile device allows you to control your home, car and more from almost anywhere. Now you can do the same with your Affinity Plus credit card! Download the Card Lock app on the App Store today and enjoy the peace of mind and extra security Card Lock offers.