Those pesky fraudsters are in the news again wreaking havoc – more data breaches. It might make you wonder: “Is my debit and credit card really a safe way to pay?”

Credit and debit cards come with significant fraud protection. Your Affinity Plus Visa debit and credit card account is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, which guarantees you will not be responsible for fraudulent charges, should they occur.

How do you prevent the fraud from occurring in the first place though? Below are six steps you can take to make it more difficult for fraudsters to gain access to your credit and debit card account information. Because let’s face it -- once fraud occurs on your credit or debit card account, it’s inconvenient to have to get a new card – not to mention it can feel very intrusive!

Upgrade your card to a more-secure payment method. Affinity Plus’ transition to EMV-chip technology helps protect unauthorized access when used at merchants that accept EMV cards. For retailers who have yet to upgrade to EMV technology, consider trying mobile payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay that use extra layers of security for extra protection.

Keep your PIN separate from your debit and credit card. Don’t keep a copy of your PIN in your wallet and never write it on the actual card.

Do your research before shopping at a new online retailer by searching for retailer reviews and complaints. Also, be very skeptical about free trial offers. Make sure you read the cancellation policy before providing them with your card information!

Limit the websites you use that allow you to keep your credit card information on file.

Set up transaction alerts on your account using Affinity Plus online banking to notify you when transactions happen on your account.

Monitor your account to ensure that if unauthorized activity does occur, it’s identified quickly; if you do identify any unauthorized activity, notify Affinity Plus immediately.

With the tips above, Visa’s Zero Liability Policy and Affinity Plus keeping your account security our top priority, you can feel confident whether you are purchasing new shoes online or picking up food for the family!